Here is what I can help you with:

SQL Database Logo Azure SQL Databases

Move to the Cloud

Migrating and administering SQL Databases in the Cloud.

Blueprint Logo Database Design

A solid Basis

Designing and implementing databases for day-to-day activities (OLTP) or data analysis (Data Warehouse).

Data Factory Logo Azure Data Factory

Collecting Data

Designing and implementing data ingestion (ETL/ELT) pipelines for pulling in data from different sources.

Data Lake Logo Azure Data Lake Storage

Data Archive

Take advantage of multi-tiered storage solutions to archive your data — while also enabling it for Big Data analysis.

Power BI Logo Microsoft Power BI

Smart Dashboards

Visualize Data on live dashboards. Give users the power to create and share their own reports.

Stream Analytics Logo Azure Stream Analytics

Process Automation

Deliver powerful insights from your streaming data with ease, in real time. Let your business processes react to events automatically.